AAR- AAR ranks as the largest MRO provider in North America, serving a global customer base and have large presence across the globe, making it one of the top class MRO of the world. AAR also provides the other Aviation Services supporting their core business.

About AAR

AAR is an independent provider of aviation services to commercial and government customers in more than 100 countries. AAR’s aftermarket expertise and award-winning solutions help customers increase efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining high levels of quality, service, and safety. 

Location of AAR MRO and Aviation Services

North America 

  • HQ & warehouse near O’Hare International Airport
  • MRO Services network of 7 airframe & 2 component repair shops
  • Mobility Systems 
  • Composites 
  • Airlift

United Kingdom

  • Integrated Solutions office in Gatwick 
  • Military logistics operations 
  • Airinmar repair cycle management support services in London
  • Sales office based in London


  • Warehouse network includes Brussels, Amsterdam & Hannover (Germany) serving EMEA 
  • Sales office in Paris 
  • Component Repair facility in Amsterdam 

South America

  • Parts Supply sales office supporting customers in Latin America
  • Airlift Search and Rescue in Falkland Islands

South Africa

  • Supporting SAAT contract

Middle East

  • Warehouse in Dubai for EMEA 
  • Sales office in Abu Dhabi 


  • Engineering Services for interior modifications for Asian airlines; warehouse and sales office in Singapore
  • Warehouse in Shanghai
  • Landing Gear Services in Malaysia  


  • Flight-hour support for Air New Zealand’s fleet
  • Sales support based in Melbourne 

Services Offered by AAR – MRO

Source: AAR

Airframe Maintenance

AAR ranks as the largest MRO provider in North America, serving a global customer base. We provide major maintenance inspections, modifications, upgrades, refurbishments and painting for a diverse range of aircraft OEM platforms, including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer. We operate 2 million square feet of hangar space, and our global team of more than 2,500 AMTs is ready to help you keep your fleet flying safely and generating revenue. 

Landing Gear Services

AAR Landing Gear Services repairs and overhauls landing gear and actuators for 43 different types and subtypes of commercial and military aircraft, including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer platforms. Our 128,000-square-foot facility houses all the machinery, electroplating equipment, systems and personnel needed to perform the entire job under one roof. In addition, AAR offers a complete range of aircraft wheel and brake services, including repair, rebuilding and inspection for all major aircraft types. 

Engineering Services

AAR Engineering Services provides a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to in-house engineering staff supporting engineering services ranging from ad hoc requirements to complete turnkey engineering integration requirements. With experienced designated engineering representatives (DERs) and designated airworthiness representatives (DARs) on staff, we can handle a full range of projects, from engineering new solutions to installing modifications to existing systems. In addition, we can help you attain all required authority approvals, assess which inspections and modifications are necessary and cost-effective, prepare and update customized maintenance programs, and handle the day-to-day tasks that drain your resources. 

Component Repair

AAR repairs, overhauls and maintains rotable components for virtually every type of passenger and cargo aircraft, either as part of a comprehensive supply chain management program or as a stand-alone MRO offering. At our repair centers in Amsterdam and New York we provide a full array of component repair, overhaul, exchange and replacement options tailored to individual customer requirements and designed to improve efficiency while reducing costs.

Certifications Approval of AAR MRO

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Aircraft Maintenance
145 Air Agency CertificationFeb 20, 2013Air AgencyAlbuquerque, NMCertificateAircraft Maintenance (Albuquerque, NM)
Air Agency CertJan 28, 1976Air AgencyOklahoma City, OKCertificateAircraft Maintenance (Oklahoma City, OK)
Air Agency CertificateNov 14, 2013Air AgencyLake Charles, LACertificate
Air Agency CertificateSep 27, 2016Air AgencyRockford, ILCertificateAircraft Maintenance (Rockford, IL)
ANAC Brazilian SupplementNov 17, 2014Air AgencyLake Charles, LACertificate
Capability ListFeb 27, 2018Oklahoma City, OKCapabilityAircraft Maintenance (Oklahoma City, OK)
Capability ListApr 25, 2018naIndianapolis, INCapabilityAircraft Maintenance (Indianapolis, IN)
EASA 145.4789Jul 29, 2014Aug 01, 2020EASAMiami, FLCertificateAircraft Maintenance (Miami, FL)
EASA CertificateDec 12, 2018Feb 01, 2021EASAIndianapolis, INCertificateAircraft Maintenance (Indianapolis, IN)
EASA SupplementApr 28, 2017EASARockford, ILCertificateAircraft Maintenance (Rockford, IL)
FAA Air AgencyDec 30, 2009FAAMiami, FLCertificateAircraft Maintenance (Miami, FL)
FAA Air Agency CertificateSep 27, 2012FAADuluth, MNCertificateAircraft Maintenance (Duluth, MN)
FAA Diamond Award 2012Jan 01, 2012FAAMiami, FLAwardAircraft Maintenance (Miami, FL)
FAA Diamond Award 2017Feb 01, 2018FAAAlbuquerque, NMAwardAircraft Maintenance (Albuquerque, NM)
FAA Diamond Award 2017Jan 31, 2018FAAIndianapolis, INAwardAircraft Maintenance (Indianapolis, IN)
FAA Diamond Award 2017Jan 01, 2018FAARockford, ILAwardAircraft Maintenance (Rockford, IL)
FAA Operations Specifications 9/27/2011Aug 14, 2015FAAMiami, FLOperation SpecificationsAircraft Maintenance (Miami, FL)
FAA PMA Letter PQ4036CENov 27, 2013FAAIndianapolis, INCertificateAircraft Maintenance (Indianapolis, IN)
FAA Repair Station CertificateNov 15, 2004FAAIndianapolis, INCertificateAircraft Maintenance (Indianapolis, IN)
FAA/AMT Diamond AwardJun 20, 2014FAAOklahoma City, OKAwardAircraft Maintenance (Oklahoma City, OK)
ISO CertificationSep 14, 2015Sep 13, 2021NQAIndianapolis, INCertificateAircraft Maintenance (Indianapolis, IN)
Lake Charles – CapabilitiesApr 02, 2015Lake Charles, LACapability
Operation SpecificationsSep 24, 2018FAAMiami, FLOperation SpecificationsAircraft Maintenance (Miami, FL)
Operations SpecificationsNov 26, 2014naLake Charles, LAOperation Specifications
Operations SpecificationsJun 20, 2014FAADuluth, MNOperation SpecificationsAircraft Maintenance (Duluth, MN)
Operations SpecificationsSep 27, 2016FAARockford, ILOperation SpecificationsAircraft Maintenance (Rockford, IL)
Operations SpecificationsFeb 11, 2016FAAOklahoma City, OKOperation SpecificationsAircraft Maintenance (Oklahoma City, OK)
Operations SpecificationsMar 07, 2019naIndianapolis, INOperation SpecificationsAircraft Maintenance (Indianapolis, IN)
Ops Spec 04/26/2017Apr 26, 2017FAAAlbuquerque, NMOperation SpecificationsAircraft Maintenance (Albuquerque, NM)
Signed EASA SupplementSep 14, 2014Lake Charles, LAna
States of Guernsey CertificateSep 02, 2014Lake Charles, LACertificate
TCCA SupplementFeb 16, 2017TCCARockford, ILCertificateAircraft Maintenance (Rockford, IL)
TCCA SupplementApr 06, 2018TCCAIndianapolis, INCertificateAircraft Maintenance (Indianapolis, IN)
test oh certificateApr 09, 2019
Transport CanadaOct 17, 2017Transport CanadaTrois-Rivières, QuebécCertificateAircraft Maintenance (Trois-Rivières, Quebéc)
Transport CanadaJan 15, 2018Transport CanadaWindsor, OntarioCertificateAircraft Maintenance (Windsor, Ontario)
Component Repair, Landing Gear, Wheel & Brakes
AAR ACS-NY Air Agency CertificateJun 09, 1975FAAGarden City, NYCertificateComponent Repair (Garden City, NY)
AAR ACS-NY AS_9100 CertificateFeb 03, 2015Jan 31, 2021ASGarden City, NYCertificateComponent Repair (Garden City, NY)
AAR ACS-NY AS9110 CertificateFeb 02, 2009Jan 31, 2021Garden City, NYComponent Repair (Garden City, NY)
AAR ACS-NY Drug and AlcoholSep 22, 2017Sep 22, 2020FAAGarden City, NYCertificateComponent Repair (Garden City, NY)
AAR ACS-NY Operations SpecificationsJan 23, 2018naGarden City, NYOperation SpecificationsComponent Repair (Garden City, NY)
AAR ACS-NY Self Survey 2018Jun 28, 2017naGarden City, NYSelf SurveyComponent Repair (Garden City, NY)
AAR Component Repair – NY CAAC CertificateDec 10, 2018Dec 31, 2020CAACGarden City, NYCertificateComponent Repair (Garden City, NY)
AAR Component Repair-NY CAAC Maintenance Organization CertificateJan 10, 2019Jan 31, 2021CAACGarden City, NYCertificateComponent Repair (Garden City, NY)
AAR Component Repair-NY EASA CertJul 12, 2018Aug 01, 2020EASAGarden City, NYCertificateComponent Repair (Garden City, NY)
AAR Landing Gear Capability ListMar 09, 2018naMiami, FLCapabilityLanding Gear Services (Miami, FL)
ACS Amsterdam Self Survey 2019Mar 05, 2019naAmsterdamSelf SurveyComponent Repair (Amsterdam)
AGENCIA NACIONAL DE AVIACAO CIVIL – ANACJan 06, 2015Air AgencyMiami, FLCertificateLanding Gear Services (Miami, FL)
ANAC Operational SpecificationJan 06, 2015Air AgencyMiami, FLCertificateLanding Gear Services (Miami, FL)
AS/EN 9110 valid until April 2019Apr 25, 2016Apr 24, 2022LRQAAmsterdamCertificateComponent Repair (Amsterdam)
CAAC approved capability listSep 29, 2012CAACAmsterdamCertificateComponent Repair (Amsterdam)
CAAC Maintenance Organization CertificateDec 18, 1992Jun 30, 2020CAACAmsterdamCertificateComponent Repair (Amsterdam)
DCA Certificate of Approval_page 2Jun 20, 2014DCAShah Alam, MalaysiaCertificateLanding Gear Services (Shah Alam, Malaysia)
DGCA India CertificationMay 20, 2015Dec 31, 2019DGCAMiami, FLCertificateLanding Gear Services (Miami, FL)
Drug and Alcohol Letter 09102009Jun 20, 2014FAAMiami, FLCertificateLanding Gear Services (Miami, FL)
EASA Approval CertificateMay 10, 1994EASAAmsterdamCertificateComponent Repair (Amsterdam)
EASA Part-145 Approval LetterJul 05, 2018Aug 01, 2020EASAMiami, FLCertificateLanding Gear Services (Miami, FL)
FAA Air Agency CertificateMar 25, 1968Mar 31, 2021FAAAmsterdamCertificateComponent Repair (Amsterdam)
FAA AMT Diamond Award of Excellence 2018Feb 01, 2019FAAAmsterdamAwardComponent Repair (Amsterdam)
FAA AMT Diamond Award of Excellence 2018Feb 01, 2019FAAGarden City, NYAwardComponent Repair (Garden City, NY)
FAA CertificateNov 24, 1987FAAMiami, FLCertificateLanding Gear Services (Miami, FL)
FAA OpSpecs QT1Y438KMay 25, 2017FAAAmsterdamCertificateComponent Repair (Amsterdam)
ISO 9001 certificateFeb 22, 2013Apr 24, 2022LRQAAmsterdamCertificateComponent Repair (Amsterdam)
ISO 9001:2015 and AS9110CJun 12, 2018Jun 11, 2021ASACBMiami, FLCertificateLanding Gear Services (Miami, FL)
Japan Civil Aviation Bureau / JCABMar 04, 2019Mar 03, 2021JCABAmsterdamCertificateComponent Repair (Amsterdam)
JCAB Approved Capability ListJan 01, 2019JCABAmsterdamCapabilityComponent Repair (Amsterdam)
MAA Certificate of AccreditationNov 02, 2017Dec 31, 2021MAA-NLDAmsterdamCertificateComponent Repair (Amsterdam)
Operation SpecificationsOct 31, 2016FAAMiami, FLCertificateLanding Gear Services (Miami, FL)
TCCA Certificate including Continuation LetterFeb 08, 2017Feb 17, 2021TCCAAmsterdamCertificateComponent Repair (Amsterdam)
Wulfsberg ElectronicsJun 20, 2014WulfsbergCertificate

Contacts – AAR MRO

World Headquarters:

1100 North Wood Dale Road
Wood Dale, IL 60191
Telephone: +1.630.227.2000
Toll Free: +1.800.422.2213
Fax: +1.630.227.2039

Webportal: https://www.aarcorp.com/contact/

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