Aircraft Pilot’s Seats – The design and production of aircraft seating system  is very important.  The pilot’s seats & its covers must be much comfortable to the pilots. Stay connected with AeroCareers – Aviation is for Everyone !

Aircraft Pilot’s Seats | Why Sheepskin Seat Covers Are Mostly Used?

Aircraft Pilot’s Seats – The design and production of aircraft seating system  is very important.  The pilot’s seats & its covers must be much comfortable to the pilots.

In Aircraft many times most of you have seen sheepskin seat covers in almost every cockpit you have ever been to. For choosing the seat covers its depends on the Aircraft manufacturer or Aircraft operators.

If you never travelled in aircraft or still a Fresher in aviation world and haven’t tried any cockpit yet, you have surely seen those grey or white fluffy pilot seats in films, mostly you may find in B777 ,B747 aircrafts etc . However, the main reason of covering pilot seats with sheepskin is more practical than it might seem .

Let me tell you that the main purpose of this sheepskin cover is to keep always  pilots seats cool in the summer and warm in the winter ,whatever the temperature in a cockpit is, always sheepskin covers remain of almost the same temperature and keep a pilot seats dry in every condition. Best quality of these covers are that they are hypoallergenic and never  irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies.


Property of sheepskin covers -:


{A} Heat Resistance-:

Let me tell you that the sheepskin covers are very comfortable to sit on to fly a long time flight. It is also highly resistant to heat and flame. sometimes Aircraft  has to be stay out in the sun for long periods of time and also in flight, a seat that heats up would not be the most appropriate to sit on. These covers are also too highly resistant to fire which is obviously is a huge advantage to have in the cockpit.


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{B} Light Weight-:

One best property of these sheepskin cushion covers is that due to their light weight, they can be used as flotation devices in a ditching situation. These most of such seats have a note that says so. That is also looking  pretty cool.


 {C} All condition Adjustable-:

These seats are built in a manner so that the cushions over the entire seat assembly can be adjusted to each pilot’s preference, and also in long haul flights the captain is need to be same position in every cockpit as to the lines of sight of the instrument panel and view though the windows. Not at all manufacturers use real sheepskin, although most do so.


These sheepskin covers is both an integral part of the the seat assembly, to provide the consistent shape necessary to be able to get out of one aircraft and also another aircraft  while being able to set up position as rapidly as possible in any other aircraft, while also having the added benefit of wicking moisture from one’s uniform. (yes, pilots sweat too…sometimes more than others;)


Let me tell you that these Sheepskin covers is a perfect seat cover for aircraft seats since it is also totally flame or heat resistant and also self-extinguishing, as the aircraft certification procedures require. Naturally Sheepskin fire resistance comes from its high nitrogen and water content. Because of this, it requires higher levels of oxygen in the surrounding environment in order to catch fire . Best quality of Sheepskin covers is that it will not melt, drip or stick to the skin when it burns or catch fire.

And in the Last but not at least the most advantage of sheepskin covers is that it tends to wear well and is long-lasting. This Sheepskin covers  is resists to  liquids, rips and snags.

However, not at all times but these sheepskin covered seats could be found not only in the cockpit. many People use this genuine material to cover their car or even motorcycle seats.


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