COVID-19 Crisis: DGCA India update on Flight Crew and Cabin Crew


Due to impact of COVID 19, restrictions have been imposed by States on  issue of VISA and passenger travel. In addition civic bodies within India have also imposed closure of certain facilities like swimming pools which are used for training of crew members. Training organisations have also been shut down in many countries. DGCA is aware that operators and
individual licence holders will have issues in completing their recurrent training and checking on Flight Simulator Training Device (FSTD) during this period when COVID-19 is a serious health risk to individuals.

Consequently, It has been decided to grant three months extension for the recurrent trainings lapsing w.e.f 10th March 2020 in respect of pilots and cabin crew.

The extension shall be subject to the following:
1) The operator shall ensure that an alternate means of compliance for training and checking programme are established and submitted to FSD (HQ), detailing the temporary revised Part D of Operation manual for such extension. The same shall also be incorporated as a temporary revision of OM detailing the time of validity of such temporary revision (TR).
The TR shall be valid till the extension period as outlined in this OC.

2) Any submission by operator should clearly identify the areas of requirement that are unable to be met and detail of, how full compliance will be achieved once this extension is revoked.

3) Following the expiry/revocation of this extension period, the operator shall ensure that crew is compliant with their existing Operating Manual, Part- D, prior to assigning flight duties to them.


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