COVID 19 and Extension of Validity of Licenses, Ratings, Skill Test, Exams for Issue, Renewal and exercising the privileges of Pilot Licenses

Due to the impact of COVID-19, restrictions have been imposed by the Government. Owing to this, several training organizations utilized for the training of Flight crew, conduct of checks have been affected and shut down in many places. Training organizations have also been shut down in many other ICAO contracting states. DGCA is aware that operators and individual license holders are facing issues in completing their requirements towards renewal, issuance of various Pilot Licenses and Ratings and to exercise the privileges of their respective licenses and ratings including temporary authorizations (FATA).

2. In view of the above, competent authority has extended the validity up to 90 days from 23rd March 2020 or until revocation of this public notice, whichever is earlier, for the following:-

(a) Pilot license holder(s) / Foreign Aircrew Temporary Authorization (FATA).
(i) Pilot Licenses.
(ii) Ratings such as FIR, AFIR, IR, Aircraft Rating.
(iii) Skill Tests, PPC, ELP.
(iv) Medical assessments.
(v) FATA

(b) For Issuance/Conversion of Pilot Licenses.
(i) DGCA knowledge papers.
(ii) Medical Assessments.
(iii) Skill Tests/IR test.
(iv) Recency experience requirements.

3. The extension of parameters mentioned in Para 2(b) above is subject to having met the requirements for issuance of License on or after 23rd March 2020 for period of 90 days or revocation of the extension period whichever is earlier.

4. Notwithstanding the extension, all applicants meeting the requirements for issuance/conversion of CPL are advised to submit the application online through the eGCA portal for the same.


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