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DC Aviation Al Futtaim Jobs – DC Aviation Al Futtaim is hiring for Flight Attendants in Dubai. Stay Connected with AeroCareers – Aviation is for Everyone!

DC Aviation Al Futtaim

Flight Attendants

About the Role

Reporting to the Cabin Crew Manager (CCM), the main role and function of a Cabin Crew team member is the provision of safe professional flights in conformance with stipulated DC Aviation Al-Futtaim company procedures. In addition, these duties shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority regulations. Flight safety shall be the main objective, followed by customer satisfaction through excellence in service.


Primary Duties:

  • Ensuring all GCAA and DC Aviation Al-Futtaim company requirements are upheld when reporting for duty (correct documentation is carried; fit to fly and carry out all Cabin Crew duties).
  • Participating in pre-flight safety briefing with Cockpit Crew and Purser.
  • Maintaining and adhering to DC Aviation Al-Futtaim grooming standards.
  • Conducting pre-flight checks of on-board Safety & Emergency equipment in their relevant area, reporting any defects to the Commander immediately.
  • Conducting a pre-flight and post-flight security check in their relevant area, reporting a cabin clear or any findings to the Commander immediately.
  • Conducting a pre-flight check on the cabin management system and in-flight entertainment system, reporting any defects to the Commander immediately.
  • Sourcing, ordering, checking and storing all in-flight catering in a safe, professional manner.
  • Ensuring pre-flight that all required service equipment, cabin amenities and required documentation are available and in good working order.
  • Welcomes and assists guests during the boarding process.
  • Confidently conducts the required DC Aviation Al-Futtaim pre-flight passenger safety briefing.
  • Promptly passing the ‘Cabin Secure’ notification to the Cockpit Crew.
  • Providing excellent DCAF Quality Customer Service in-flight to all guest, assisting any guests which may require special attention.
  • Ensuring the cabin, galley, washrooms and crew rest area are kept clean, tidy and secured during, taxi, take-off, turbulence and landing.
  • Assisting guests during the disembarkation process and ensuring all relevant arrival documentation (such as Immigration & Customs landing cards) have been completed prior to doors opening.
  • Communicating any cabin/equipment issues to the Commander for inclusion in the TLB.
  • Completing a DC Aviation Al-Futtaim Voyage Report after each duty/flight and sending the report to the CCM.
  • Cleaning, re-stocking and de-catering the aircraft.
  • Attending a monthly Aircraft Review Day.
  • Assisting when required at the DC Aviation Al-Futtaim FBO facility.
  • Other duties / tasks as assigned by management within scope of area of responsibility


Essential Requirements:

  • Successful completion of GCAA approved aircraft specific Safety & Emergency training.
  • Successful completion of all relevant internal DC Aviation Al-Futtaim training courses.
  • High level of experience in VVIP aviation / First Class service.
  • High level knowledge of relevant GCAA regulations and procedures relating to the

role. (desirable)


Job Specific Skills:

  • Detail oriented methodical approach to solving/performing tasks
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and work under pressure
  • Pride in performing to the best of own ability
  • Good communications and interpersonal skills


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