DGCA India Guidelines: How to obtain Air Operator Permit (AOP)?


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How to obtain an Air Operators Permit (AOP)?

  • Regulations relating to the issuance of an Air Operator Permit (AOP)
  • International Operations by Indian Air Operators’ Permit (Scheduled) Holders
  • Air Operators Permit Manuals and Procedures
  • Forms


Regulations relating to the issuance of an AOP

Primary Regulations

To apply for an AOP,  check your intended service.  Based on your intended service, you would be required to comply with the related regulations before an Air Operator Permit is issued by DGCA


Related Regulations

The regulations listed below are the regulations you would need to comply based on your intended operations. DGCA will ensure compliance before issuing the AOP.


International Operations by Indian Air Operators’ Permit (Scheduled) Holders

To commence international operations, an Indian AOP (Scheduled – Passenger) holder is required to comply with the following regulations before being permitted to operate internationally.

Air Operators’ Permit Manuals and Procedures

To obtain detailed information on the requirements you must comply with in order to apply for and obtain an AOP, refer to the Primary Manuals listed below.

The Subsidiary Manuals listed below provide area-wise procedures to be followed by DGCA before the AOP is granted.






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