Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India recently launched new services on eGCA platform. The more services on Flight Crew and FTOs have been launched by DGCA on eGCA. Stay Connected with AeroCareers -Aviation is for Everyone !

DGCA India Launches new services on eGCA Platform

1. Pilot licensing

The following licensing services for the Pilots have been made available on the eGCA portal:

(i) Conversion of Airline Transport Pilots License
(ii) Conversion of Private Pilots License
(iii) Issue of Open Rating
(iv) Renewal of Private Pilots License
(v) Renewal of Commercial Pilots License
(vi) Renewal of Instrument Rating

2. Flying Training Organisations (FTOs)

The following services for the FTOs have been made available through the eGCA
(i) Approval of Chief Ground Instructor (CGI)
(ii) Electronic Flight Authorization Register (eFAR)

3. Medical examination

The following medical services have been made available on the eGCA portal:

(i) Empanelment of Medical Examiners
(ii) Conduct of Medical Examination and Issue of CA 35 by Medical Examiners
(iii) Issue of Medical Assessments (Class 2- Initial/ Renewal and Class 1 Renewal)

DGCA issued  a Public Notice on the above, which is enclosed here for your references:


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