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Emirates Jobs – Engineering Repairs Officers

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Emirates Jobs – Emirates Engineering is hiring for ENGINEERING REPAIRS OFFICER – 1900018Q at Dubai. Stay Connected with AeroCareers – Aviation is for Everyone!

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Support the business of component repairs for the allocated accounts to achieve effective and efficient functioning of the aftermarket process relating to Repair & Overhaul (R&O). Coordinate and engage with external suppliers and overhaul workshops to assist in the management of the business relationship to achieve optimization of cost of ownership, enhanced and improved support and to obtain preferential services thus, improving the material availability and positively contributing to the reduction of the airlines unit cost of operation. Support the component repair reverse supply-chain by performing the necessary physical, transactional and compliance related activities necessary to ensure operational support while maintaining highest standards of part compliance to organizational and regulatory defined standards.


– Manage the day to day business coordination with the allocated accounts, ensuring compliance of the established service levels as per contract or as per the product support agreements. Coordinate on the Work In Process (WIP) of Repair Orders to ensure On Time Delivery to avoid and limit, number of nil stock days. Liaise with Material Planning / Provisioning on the critical and planned demands. Coordinate with the external repair vendors to manage support for the critical and planned requirements.

– Analyse and validate the Repair Cost Estimates/ Quotes / Invoices against the Work scope, historical pricing and/or contractual pricing as agreed between EK and the external repair vendor. Take into account the warranty disposition for each RO and challenge the supplier where necessary to ensure appropriate claims are managed. Initiate approval process for all quotations as per the Limit of Authority (LOA) as defined by the organization.

– Initiate, query and raise necessary warranty claims, to ensure that maximum advantage is availed of the warranty provisions for (I) components within warranty period and (ii) components that are out of warranty period, but may be covered for warranty with respect to reliability and/or design/manufacturing discrepancies. Escalate to Component Repair Engineer for assistance on any technical and/or commercial clarifications/disputes.

– Coordinate with external suppliers to ensure that any delays due parts unable to be returned within the agreed TAT (As per Product Support Agreements or bilateral support contracts) are mitigated via advance or normal exchanges. Ensure that exchange acceptance criteria as defined in procedures is followed to enable a technically compliant exchange part for operational demand. Engage with key stakeholders as required to ensure supplier compliance to the terms of support.

– Review Ultramain MR, Technical Document Review (TDR) / Engineering Order (EO) to determine nature or work that must be performed for any modifications requested on the RO. Refer to SB/SIL/RPL/Other documents for insight and engage with Component Repair Engineer for guidance. Engage with external repair vendor to identify support units in the form of short/long-term loans where adequate return of EK core parts is not possible due to supply-chain issues.

– Supervise and carry out the receipt of unserviceable parts from sources such as Maintenance, Warehouse & Logistics, Overhaul workshops and third-parties and initiate physical inspection and documentation review. Ensure housekeeping standards and personal safety at all times. Coordinate with the various teams to resolve any discrepancies in a timely-manner and escalate to Component Repair Engineer (CRE) as and when required. Generate the Repair Order (RO) and call out the required workscope and maintenance requirements for each part such as Repair, Overhaul, Refurbishment and/or Modification. Consult CRE for technical and commercial input while performing workscope/MR update on the RO. – Ensure timely update of part R&O cycle in Ultramain to ensure accurate reporting and to manage potential claims with regards to Turnaroundt Time (TAT). Update both commercial (Quote/Invoice) and logistics (Shipping) data to enable the process. Coordinate with external suppliers and logistics providers as and when required to obtain and reconcile the relevant information. Initiate Workflows to ensure validation and approval of appropriate business process such as (a) Quotations and (b) Disposals. Ensure that all necessary information for both commercial and technical aspects is captured and perform preliminary analysis

– Coordinate with overhaul workshops and Materials Provisioning/Planning to enable effective demand management for parts which have In-house capability. Directly interact with Materials Planning/Provisioning, Component Repair and Warehouse & Logistics on expediting parts supply to/from the overhaul workshops. Attend regular meetings to enable collaboration and improvement in the internal supply chain.

– For all Installable parts received after Repair or as Purchase/Borrow, carry out a review of the Shop Findings Report and evaluate if work done is in line with the workscope requested. Review EASA Form 1 / FAA 8130 / Other regulatory document to reconcile the work requested/performed between RO, SFR and the ARC and match Life Data (TSX/CSX) and actual task performed in line with Maintenance Requirements (MR).

– Communicate as and when required with Component Repair teams, Maintenance, Technical Services, Planning, Warehouse & Logistics, Material Planning/Provisioning and Planning to resolve any queries on unserviceable parts received or on serviceable parts received post-repair. Maintain consistent and continuous communication with Goods Receipt, Goods Inwards and Materials Inspection Officers to manage the work flow of parts received for QAD evaluation and release.

Qualifications & Experience

Experience: Engineering/Planning Knowledge/Skills 12 years schooling or equivalent & 5+years experience  OR Degree (12+3 equivalent) in Aeronautical/Mechanical/Electrical/Avionics Engineering & 2+ years experience Industry experience in supply chain management, warehouse and logistics, repairs management, material planning/support & inventory control, technical purchasing or any other support services.  Preference will be given to person with experience in an airline or third-party maintenance base. The knowledge of the processes of repairs, reliability, inventory control, material planning, modification control etc. in an airline/MRO (maintenance & repair organisation) is preferred.  Computer literacy in MS office applications. 

Last Date 20.10.2019

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