Flyadeal Careers – Chief Inspector

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Flyadeal Careers – Chief Inspector. Flyadeal is hiring for Chief Inspector. Stay connected with AeroCareers – Aviation is for Everyone !

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Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Flyadeal Careers – Chief Inspector

Flyadeal Careers – Chief Inspector. Flyadeal is hiring for Chief Inspector. Stay connected with AeroCareers – Aviation is for Everyone !


Job Description
  • Responsible for surveillance of contracted services and repair stations.
  • Responsible for the continued airworthiness of flyadeal aircraft, components, accessories and appliances, the management of inspection personnel, and compliance with policies and procedures which comprise the flyadeal Quality Control program.
  • Provide inspection coverage for incoming parts and material
  • Ensures all new personnel under his/her authority are properly trained and qualified to perform the tasks they are assigned
  • Assists the Director of Maintenance and the Director of Safety in preparing technical analysis reports on mechanical difficulties being encountered in the normal maintenance activities performed on flyadeal aircraft, engines, and appliances and is responsible to initiate on-the-spot corrective measures and practices through the Director of Maintenance.
  • Oversees compliance of Airworthiness Directives.
  • Delegates RII functions to other maintenance personnel and contract facilities after determining that the delegated person is properly trained, qualified and certified. Has authority to countermand all RII inspections.
  • The Chief Inspector reports to and will be responsible for other duties that pertains to his assigned responsibilities, assigned by the Chief Executive Officer, Director of Maintenance & Director of Safety.
  • During absences (vacation, illness, etc.) delegates as alternate the Director of Maintenance, or administrator of equal qualification with the authority and responsibility of this position.
  • Responsible to the Director of Maintenance for the management of inspection personnel and compliance with policies and procedures which comprises the flyadeal Inspection Program.
  • Oversee that all technical procedures described in this manual are complied with by the E and M personnel and the provider or contractors’ personnel.
  • Oversee the correct handling of all technical documentation issued from aircraft and engine manufacturers and aeronautical authorities.
  • Verify that parts and materials, including fuel, other consumables and ground equipment used in the maintenance and operation of the aircraft, comply with the required standards.
  • Assist in the solving of maintenance problems that might arise in the performance of any maintenance process.
  • Review the documents related with the accomplishment and approval of repairs and alterations on the company aircraft and engines, for correct data used and completion of forms.
  • Ensure, through scheduled and non-scheduled audits and inspections, the adherence of the contractors to their respective approved Repair Station or Quality Control Manuals and promote a Safety Culture within the Organization.

Required SkillsCertified Quality Manager, Quality Assurance Processes, Quality Assurance Review, Quality Improvement

Last Date- 08.08.2021



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