Who is Flight Dispatcher

Airlines/Operators engage Flight Dispatchers for obtaining ATC and MET briefings and to brief the pilots accordingly and also for preparing flight plans. In order to ensure safety of aircraft operations it is necessary to have uniform and desired level of proficiency of Flight Dispatchers.

flight dispatcher (also known as an aircraft dispatcherairline dispatcher,flight follower or flight operations officer) assists in planning flight paths, taking into account aircraft performance and loading, enroute wind, thunderstorm, and turbulence forecasts, and airport conditions.


Minimum Qualification for Flight Dispatcher

Flight Dispatchers used by airlines for briefing of pilots and flight planning. Appointment as a Flight Dispatcher requires the students to be fully trained and approved by regulatory authority. In India, Directorate  General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the regulatory authority.


Educational Qualification for Flight Dispatcher

  1. Student should have attained the age of 21 years. ­
  2. The minimum educational qualification required is pass in 10+2 standard examination with mathematics and physics subjects from a recognized Board / University.

Course Details:

There are various airlines or operators which are conducting Flight Dispatcher course. he duration of course of few weeks and hours. The training consists of ground course, OJT and examination by regulatory authority.

Training Programme for Flight Dispatcher

  1. The training programme for Flight Dispatchers shall comprise of –
  • Basic indoctrination training,
  • Initial training,
  • Transition training,
  • Refresher/Recurrent training,
  • Differences training (if required)


  1. The basic indoctrination training for newly appointed Flight Dispatchers shall include a minimum of 7 days of instructions in at least the following areas –
  • Duties and responsibilities of Flight Dispatchers.
  • Joint Dispatcher – pilot responsibilities.
  • Appropriate portion of Civil Aviation Requirements, Aircraft Rules and AICs.
  • Contents of the operator’s certificate/permit and limitations, if any.
  • Appropriate portion of the airline/operator Manual.


Duties and Responsibilities of Flight Dispatcher

The Flight Operations Officer/Flight Dispatcher(s) on duty shall, one hour before the scheduled departure of a flight:

  1. Collect the latest meteorological data from the concerned agencies and thoroughly analyse the possible effects of the weather on the route to be flown in the light of meteorological reports and forecasts for the destination and alternate aerodromes; recent weather reports and forecasts for the route and areas adjacent to it; and current weather maps;
  2. Collect the latest available data on standard instrument departures, enroute facilities, noise abatement operational procedures, navigation aids, aerodrome facilities, ATC and communication procedures, NOTAM, runway conditions, search and rescue facilities and other information and regulations likely to affect the flight and brief the flight crew as required.
  3. Prepare an operational flight plan consistent with standard instrument departures, noise abatement operational procedures, ATC regulations and the regulations of all the States to be overflown for the consideration of the pilot-in-command;
  4. If empowered to do so by the operator, to delay or cancel the flight or otherwise decide on a possible route or alternative routes which may be flown safely and in accordance with company procedures and standards, taking into account likely weather conditions at the destination and alternate aerodromes; en-route weather; and the maximum fuel load possible.
  5. Provide the meteorological briefing to the flight crew.
  6. Brief the crew on the route analysis and the operational flight plan bringing to his notice the factors that have influenced the choice of route;
  7. Furnish the pilot-in-command with all latest available information on the route to be flown;
  8. Obtain the Pilot-in-command’s signed concurrence with the operational flight plan;
  9. Prepare and file the ATC flight plan.
  10. Any other functions deemed necessary for the safe operation of the flight.
  11. Other duties enlisted in the Company’s Operation Manual

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