Specialist, Fleet Technical Support- Scoot & Tiger Air Careers 2017

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Job no: 492833
Work type: Full time
Location: Singapore
Categories: Flight Operations


Flight Operations Contract Support

  • Tracking of Flight Operations systems contract expiry.
  • Analyzing vendor’s contract proposal and provide supporting data for Flight Operations Manager.
  • Translating China ATC Service Agreements for vetting by Legal department.
  • Negotiating key contract terms in the China ATC Service Agreement with Airport Authorities via GHAs.

Flight Operations Systems Administrator

  • Liaising with Navtech flight planning system vendor for the control of flight planning account user.
  • Updating and maintaining records of INTAMs.
  • Uploading revisions to Flight Operations related manuals into the EFB backup device via Airwatch and SABA.
  • Liaising with Jeppesen to maintain the records of system users for PDF and Ipad access.
  • Ensuring the hardcopy Jeppesen charts are properly filed and stored.
  • Updating the Jeppesen charts in the backup EFB bi-weekly.
  • Ensuring that the latest revisions of the company manuals (i.e. Flight Operations Manuals/Overflight Permits/Airport Briefing/FSI/SEPM/CSI/WBM etc). are uploaded into the EFB weekly.
  • Administrating the VisiumFuel system

Flight Operations Technical Support

  • Work in close liaison with Flight Operations system vendors to maintain data accuracy and solve any discrepancies to ensure smooth operations. e.g. Navtech flight planning system, Honeywell navigation database system, Sita Aircom flight tracker system, Rolls Royce VisiumFuel system, Jeppesen charting and ipads system, Boeing airplane technical support, IATA Aviation Charges Intelligence Centre, SABA.
  • Navigation Database verification/validation during AIRAC cycle changes and reporting any significant changes to the management pilots.
  • Secondary operator for fixing of company routes during AIRAC cycle changes.
  • Supporting the implementation and development of VisiumFuel system by ensuring the technical parameters are in-line with company operational manuals.
  • Ensuring that the SITA flight tracking AIRCOM server is operating in-line with company policies.
  • Reporting loss of 4D15 position report to CAAS within 72 hours and verifying the aircraft positions using SITA flight tracker system.
  • Retrieving important flight data (e.g. OOOI) from historical traffic report.
  • Ensuring that the Jeppesen navigation charts are accurate every AIRAC cycle.
  • Liaising with Boeing Technical Support to resolve any technical issues related to the company aircrafts. (e.g. network communication issues as aircraft auto-tuning to AIRAC frequency)

Liaising with Aviation Authorities for operational approval 

  • Submission of Flight Operations new manuals revisions and Single AOC manuals for both fleets to CAAS for approval/acceptance.
  • Submission of Pre-Ops station study to CAAS for approval to operate into new stations.
  • Submission of Ops-Specs to CAAS for approval.
  • Application for the variation to AOC for change of management, organization information, Ops-Specs, leasing of aircrafts, operating stations and maintenance.
  • Secondary administrator for EASA TCO applications.

Overflight Charges Calculation and Verification

  • Verifying and listing the breakdown of overflight charges for all company routes.
  • Budgeting annual overflight charges.
  • Secondary administrator for daily overflight invoice verification process.
  • Providing company flight information to SIA FOT for invoice verification.
  • Liaising with finance department for tracking and payment of overflight charges.

Payload studies and Fuel Calculation

  • Forecasting fuel volumes for all company routes.
  • Budgeting annual fuel volumes.
  • Providing fuel volumes forecast to commercial and company planning for cost evaluation and fuel procurement respectively.
  • Conducting payload studies and block time analysis for ad-hoc, new and existing stations.
  • Calculating monthly fuel uplift and fuel burn figures

Provide administrative support for fleet

  • Focal point for liaison with Procurement Department for contractual and RFP matters
  • Document writer for Flight Operations Departmentl manual.
  • Backup for documentation support for printing of Flight Operations manuals.
  • Minutes writer for the monthly Operations Committee Meeting (OCM).

Technical Stop Location Study

  • Study and propose favorable Technical Stop locations for recovery of Europe flights, taking into consideration the crew FDP , block time and frequency of flights ex-SIN.



  • Effective time management skills
  • Good analytical skills
  • Able to multi-task in a challenging environment and work independently.



  • Minimum degree holder in the field of engineering, avionics, aeronautics
  • Previous experience in Flight Operations Engineering preferred

Applications Deadline: Singapore Standard Time