KARNAVATI AVIATION is hiring for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, to support aircraft maintenance to ensure that aircraft are maintained as per OEM /Regulatory standards as well as in accordance with company policies.


Karnavati Aviation (Adani) Jobs –

AME ( B1/B2)


1 You will be responsible for ensuring an aircraft operates properly and safely by conducting checks/inspections as required
2  You will be responsible for making repairs, trouble shooting, carry out scheduled & un-scheduled inspections.
3 You will be responsible for carrying out Service Bulletin/ Airworthiness Directive as may be required.
4 You will be responsible for refueling/defueling of aircraft with appropriate quality checks
5 You will be required to complete all documentation as prescribed by DGCA and as per company requirement.
6 You will also require to function as support staff/CAT A/CAT C certifying person as per company policy and in accordance with regulation.
7 You will be required to lead technical team for compliance of inspection schedules and will be responsible for work done by the team
8 You will participate in technical meeting for evaluation of SB/Upgrade/AD and any other technical literature.
9 You will be responsible for doing engine health checks as well as evaluation of reports.
10 You will be responsible for proper usage of tooling/equipment during the diagnostic part of aircraft maintenance.
11 You will be responsible for adhering to all safety precautions to ensure the safety of aircraft & personnel working.

12 You will be responsible for requesting correct parts and only required quantity.
13 You, will be responsible for economic use of all material during maintenance.
14 You will be responsible for maintenance of facility as per the company policy and requirement.
15 You will be responsible for maintaining the currency of your AME license /company authorization for the fleet of aircraft maintained /operated by the company including medical fitness.


Qualifications and Eligibility 

Should hold Aircraft Maintenance Engineer diploma recognized by
DGCA/NAA or degree in engineering discipline like aeronautical,
mechanical, electrical or electronics.
 Should hold current DGCA AME license in mechanical (B1) OR
Avionics (B2) stream on at least one aircraft type operated by KAPL.
 Desirable qualification- FAA/EASA license /engine boroscope
 Should have completed type rated course approved by
FAA/DGCA/EASA on one or more type of aircraft.
 Should have undergone CAR 145/CAR M /SMS training earlier.
 Should have completed Human factors training in last 18 months.
 Should have undergone refresher training for the type rated license
in last 18 months.
 Should have undergone RVSM training.
 Desirable Training – NDT/Engine boroscope/Fuel tank safety



Candidate should have general aviation experience of 10 years with
any CAR145/ AMO organization earlier.
 Out of 10 of experience candidate should have worked for 5 years
on fleet of aircraft operated by company.
 Desirable experience – Engine borsocope & pre-purchase inspection
of aircraft






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