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Making Curriculum Vitae is very important task for all job or training seekers. CV’s layout and length also matters and have great impact on job providers. In aviation engineering , it is very important to furnish your aircraft experiences to make job providers enable to select right candidates. Let’s see here my guidelines.

Divide your CV into following topics:

A. Name and contact details: (on the top of CV) Write your name, correspondence address , contact numbers and email id at starting of your CV , preferably on left upper side of your CV and add a passport size recent colored photograph to right upper corner of CV.

B. Objective

Write your career obejctive in CV. Objective should be your own and true at your end.

C. Total work experience in Years and months ( excluding duration of ab-intio training in aircraft maintenance engineering). Experience mostly matters in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

D. Present employment

(1) Write company name, location and duration of working

Example: Company Name: Air India Ltd

Location: Mumbai

Position: Aircraft Technician

Duration: 5th September 2012 to till

(2) Write details of aircraft on which you are working presently.

(3) Write clearly your job responsibilities and also major experiences in short , if any.

E. Previous employment history with your job profile.

(1) Write company name, location and duration you served (same layout as given above).

(2) Write details of aircraft on which you were worked.

(3) Write clearly your job responsibilities and also major experiences , if any.

F. Technical qualification and Academic Qualification

Start from latest one and write clearly the college name , duration of course and passing division or marks.

Write details of aircraft / engine / components license (if you held any). You should write your basic aircraft maintenance engineering license number or details of technical papers you passed. Write clear cut information on your streams / category of license, also specifying name of issuing authority.

Specify the license / Course/ Modules categories i.e. A, B1, B2…..etc

G. Training’s details: Write details of all types of training attended by you, In aircraft maintenance engineering there are following types of training:

  • Aircraft, engines or components type training.
  • Human factor training
  • Refresher (Continuation)  training
  • Familiarization course etc.
  • Quality Audit Trainings, Regulation  Trainings etc…

H. Computer skills

Add your computer skill here, write in brief to indicate your skills.

I. Personal details

Personal profile should cover following:
Father / husband name,
Date of birth
Passport number, VISA Details , if any
Driving license number
Languages known ( levels)
Address (permanent)

J. Declaration
Make a declaration statement for information you are giving in CV. It should contains your full signature with name, date and place.

Cover Letter with your CV

Attach covering letter always whenever you are applying for any opportunity. Read here some tips

(1) Do not exceed one pages

(2) Write exact company’s name with department name and appropriate salutation to correct person.

(3) Subject should be clear and specific.

(4) It should be like request letter. don’t be shy but don’t be arrogant

Important Note:

While submitting CVs  online or through Email always submit the PDF copy. Never send the MS word or other formats.

Also always attach the CV file (PDF Version) , do not forward the Google Links , Drive Links or Download Links to any one.


CV Sample PDF- AeroCareers


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