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Maintaining personnel aircraft maintenance engineer’s logbook is mandatory under CAR-66 regulations. In this post, you will find the latest CAR-66 requirements on logbook and templet format as per the regulations. Stay Connected with AeroCareers – Aviation is for Everyone !


DGCA – Part 66 Requirements

The experience should be documented in an individual log book or in any other
recording system (which may be an automated one) containing the following data:

(a) Date and time;

(b) Aircraft type;

(c) Aircraft identification i.e. registration;

(d) ATA chapter;

(e) Operation performed i.e. 100 FH check, MLG wheel change, engine oil check and
complement, SB embodiment, trouble shooting, structural repair, STC

(f) Type of maintenance i.e. base, line;

(g) Type of activity i.e. perform, supervise, release;

(h) Category used A, B1, B2, B3 or C.

(i) Duration in days or partial-days.


To meet the above requirement, a format has been developed by the AeroCareers and embedded here. The format given is here PDF, which can easily converted into the Word editable format.

Free Template 


Why maintaining logbook records are mandatory?

Rule 67AA of The Aircraft Rules 1937 states that

Every person holding an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s Licence or in the process of qualifying for such licence under these rules shall maintain a personal log book, in the form and manner as specified by the Director General and record aircraft maintenance work carried out or supervised by him in such log book“.


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