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Principal Engineer-Compressor Design Quest Global Careers 2019

Quest Global Careers 2019

Quest Global India Careers 2019

Principal Engineer – Compressor Design

Role: Principal Engineer – Compressor Design  

Role Purpose:

To manage the Compressor Design team delivering a wide range of Compressor solution from all the Gas Turbine Modules, carrying out challenging programs of work on state of the art Gas Turbine engines. The roles offer opportunities for developing skills, knowledge and experience in this exciting industry. 
The Compressor Design team delivers engineering solutions for all Gas Turbine Engine modules. This role requires a broad knowledge of a range of engineering disciplines and the ability to lead and integrate specialist teams to deliver Compressor solutions on a range of Developmental and NPI Aero Engine projects.

  1. Technically manage the Compressor Design team to deliver Instru Solutions from all the Aero Engine modules.
  2. Ensure the instru design meets the appropriate levels of quality and robustness and confirm that defined requirements are met.
  3. Technically own and drive the Compressor design team.
  4. Plan and coordinate the Design Iteration activities with the Development and Experimental Engg teams.
  5. Ensure that all project stakeholders have the right information at the right time, through pro-active communication.
  6. Working in a UG NX and Team Centre PLM environment.

Baseline Responsibilities

  • Be the Technical focal for all aspects of Compressor Design on a given project (or projects).
  • Through strong engagement with the Project/ Technical leadership, provide technical direction and priority for all project Compressor Design activities.
  • Provide first line leadership for the Instru Design team, including support for Measurement Technique, Design Iteration, Design Reviews, etc.
  • Ensure that issues are dealt with in a timely manner, recognising the high priority of certain tasks when related to engine availability for test plan (EDP).
  • Interface with the technical seniors providing appropriate technical information as required.
  • Development of new checklist and other documents from leaning the Design process and to achieve Right First Time (RFT).
  • Contribute to development of best practices and productivity improvement



Applicants should have a proven background in Aero engines at component level Compressor Components and an ability to Manage the team technically.

Previous leadership experience in an Aero engine design environment.

Ability to:

  • Quickly understand problems, set priorities
  • Drive technical delivery, through adherence to a number of key processes (safety, concessions, lifing, System Design)
  • Understand complex system interactions and Compressor Technique and Measurement Technologies used in Aero Engines.
  • Interpret technical analysis, draw out key issues and present to project for review.
  • Develop technical solutions, compliant with requirements, make technical recommendations from simple to complex instru design.

Manage task and develop strategy in situations with a high degree of ambiguity

  • Participate in the generation of Compressor Solution Request (ISR) documents.
  • Be a part of generation and approval of Advance Design Meetings (ADM’s).
  • Be a part of generation and approval of Test Request Notes (TRN’s) from Development point of view.


  • Demonstrate a solid and expert level understanding of all aspects of Compressor Design (Entire Gas Turbine Modules).
  • Understand the Compressor best practices and Aero Engine Measurement Technology.
  • Understand Techniques and limitation of Instruments (Sensor) best suitable for the given environmental conditions.
  • Understand the behaviour and limitations of aerospace materials.
  • Understand Engine Lead out strategies, methodologies and limitations.
  • Understand manufacturing methods and processes for one off (bespoke) Compressor components
  • Good grasp of drawing generation (Datum Systems, ASME standard…)
  • Solid Knowledge on UG NX and Siemens Team Centre PLM

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