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Warranty Coordinator – Qatar Airways Careers 2019

Qatar Airways Careers

Qatar Airways Careers 2019

Qatar Careers 2019

Last Date: 15.08.2019

About Your Job:

As a Warranty Coordinator, you will assist management in the effective incorporation of warranties as per aircraft manufacturers’ Product Support Assurance Agreements / Supplier Support conditions, engine manufacturers GTA, BFE/ SFE supplier product support agreement and other contracts for optimum warranty claim raising. 

You will also initiate claim process as required and analyse and submit warranty claims for all scheduled and unscheduled aircraft components at no cost to the Airline.

You will also recover all freight charges, man-hours labour in rectifying the defects and costs in Logistics incurred to company



You will: –

•Collect and analyse data by coordinating with Maintenance, Production Planning, Engineering, Materials and Cost Control for warranty claims.

•Assist in recording and tracking EOs,  ESWCs for inspection and modification  industry support and other terms of SBs,  SILs,  ADs,  AOTs, TFUs and I or Commitment Letters for Aircraft,  Engine, Equipment and Systems.

•Investigate in-house repair to determine parts removed under warranty for issuing the required recovery claim.  Raise claims with sufficient supporting evidence for warranty claims including component, in-house freight and labour of components removed from the aircraft.                                                               

•Deliver warranty claims to related departments internal/external along with correct supporting documents.

•Assist in the assigning of Vendor shop for corrections, rising claims with evidence supporting the trouble shooting and historical data of the removals.  Recording and securing costs incurred and other accruing benefits.

•Procure and assist warranty analysts I engineer to verify condition of parts removed as Unserviceable and acquiring sufficient supporting document to raise warranty claims.

•Scrutinise to determine application and scope for (New, Repair or Overhaul) warranty periods of removed components from the aircraft.

•Update warranty database for an effective control, tracking and management information. Maintain correspondence and keeping track of resolutions.  Ensure all related files are recorded in warranty database.

•Receive, compile and examine warranty rejections, shop findings, quotes and invoices for repair, overhaul, scrappage, replacement and or credits in lieu thereof. 

•Assist in evaluating related quotations and shop reports to ensure raised warranty claims resolved.

•Work with and supply Aircraft Maintenance, Cost Control and/or Legal Department with data and information invariably required for TORs and corrective actions.

•Assist Warranty Senior Engineer / Engineer / Analysts and for in-depth investigations to handle disputes and special projects.

•Analyse the validity accuracy and authenticity of all supporting documents prior to submitting the warranty or recovery claims to ensure correction of failed components and upgrades/retrofits/modifications to Airframe,  Engines,  Power Plants,  Equipment,  Systems per agreed terms and commitments letters at no charge to airline. About You:



•     Relevant Vocational, Tertiary, Trade Qualifications or Equivalent

•     Graduated with a qualifications in Science or Engineering or equivalent

•     Completed Aircraft Courses


•     Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science or Engineering or equivalent

Previous Experience:


•     Experienced – minimum 4 years of job-related experience required

•     Minimum 4 years’ experience in the field of Technical/Engineering in the aviation industry

Job Specific Skills:


•     Computer literate with good skills in MS Word and Excel

•     Good Communication Skills

•     Knowledgeable about Airframe and Engines

•     Familiar with aviation related documentations such as IPC, AMM, CMM, and SB

•    Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure

Note: you will be required to attach the following:

1. Resume / CV
2. Passport-size photograph
3. Copy of Highest Educational Certificate
4. Copy of Passport

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